Our Vision

Vision Statement from the Management: Snadheep Kumar

As a certified life and wellness coach my interest in the spa and salon industry started with research about the dangers associated with some beauty products. It is widely accepted that the beauty industry has long been one of the most toxic in the world. I don’t believe that you should have to risk your health in pursuit of beauty and wellness.

My vision for our salon and spa is for it to be a center for health and beauty. In this environment we can support each guest’s pursuit of personal health and beauty – internally, externally and environmentally. We bring our vision, mission and beliefs to life every day in our shared intentions, practices and behaviors.

Blossamin spa is also influenced by my Native American culture and healing experiences with Qigong and energy work. Using products and services incorporating The Four Elements we maintain a connection to nature to establish balance, beauty and vitality.


Minerals, botanical plants, fruits and vegetables are used in our natural and organic cosmetics as well as skincare for face and body treatments.


Marine based seaweed products are used for cleansing and detox along with water treatments sacred to the spa environment including hydrotherapy, soaks, steam therapies and our pedicure thrones.


Services incorporate heat ranging from hair styling to infrared sauna treatments providing for detox and muscle relief.


Aromatherapy is offered to facilitate the sensory experiences while massage and Qigong sessions incorporate breath work to facilitate stress relief and general wellness.

We have created a physical environment that is not only beautiful, but which demonstrates our deep commitment to sustainability and the protection of our planet.

We have also assembled a staff of highly trained professionals who are committed to our shared vision, mission and beliefs.

As a lifelong educator and doctoral candidate, I believe in continuous learning which is central to our culture. We offer sound, well-researched treatments as well as continuing education for all staff and service providers so that current techniques, colors, styles and trends may be offered to our guests. I am proud of our business and invite you to experience the BLOSSAMIN SPA difference.