4 Hand Massage

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What does 4 hand massage mean?

A 4 hand massage is a kind of massage that has 2 masseurs or therapists for one client. They practice synchronized technical massage movements and apply the same pressure and pace on both sides of the body (left and right ) which increases the level of muscle relaxation and massage benefits.

It's a unique type of massage therapy and puts your entire body and mind in complete and deeper state of relaxation. This is because your brain cannot keep track and make no sense of the synchronized movements. Therefore, the brain stops thinking and focuses on the sensations which makes you feel fully immersed in the experience.

When you are relaxed, your muscles relaxes and becomes more receptive and pliable. This increases the effectiveness of the massage and reduces your tension faster - a reason why many of us fall asleep during massage and are encouraged to do so.

Benefits of 4 hand massage

A regular massage offers numerous benefits to improve health and well-being. More so with 4 hand massage. It doubles all the benefits and advantages since there are 2 people doing the massage therapy.

Deeper state of relaxation - As aforementioned, the brain gets lost in the synchronized movements and focuses on the sensations instead which puts you immediately into a deeper state of relaxation. This not only relieves your tension much faster but also your stress.

Realigns the muscle - The simultaneous hand movements not only reduces tension but also realigns the muscles. Proper muscle and joint placements improves mobility, flexibility and makes injury recovery faster.

Better and faster blood flow - Because of hitting multiple body parts at the same time, blood circulation also improves in a wider range and faster than regular massage. The simultaneous movements relieves knotted veins which improves blood flow and delivers oxygen and nutrition to the parts of the body making the healing process even faster.

Is 4 Hands massage worth it?

4 hands body massage is pricier than the regular massage since it uses 2 therapists in one session. The unique experience however makes up for the bill. It doubles all the massage benefits and gives you faster and better relaxation.

One Hour Massage ₹4999

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